ristorante vini interno midenza capo vaticano

From our hilltop restaurant and the Beach Bar you can enjoy an incredible sea view

Vista mare

You can start your day with a great buffet breakfast with sea view. You will find croissants, cakes, eggs, charcuterie, cheese, healthy fruit juices, fresh fruit, nuts, greedy pancakes and gluten free products.

Our chef will accompany you in the discovery of the flavors of Mediterranean and Calabrian cuisine, masterfully working high quality raw materials.

In the gastronomic proposals of the Midenza Seaside & Nature Reetreat kitchen you will find the genuine fruits from our garden, which we grow without the use of chemicals and we have chosen to buy as much as possible from small local producers to bring you local products, which reflect the seasonality.

Prodotti Km 0 dall’orto

The soils in this area of Calabria are very fertile and thanks to the natural ability to retain water, the presence of the warm sun and the sea breeze almost all year round, the fruits and vegetables are an explosion of flavors.

Menu per diete speciali

In fact, this great variety and freshness of fruit and vegetables allows us to offer vegan and vegetarian proposals every day. We also have the possibility to create menus suitable for your dietary needs because we love taking care of your health and your wishes.

Our wine cellar is an eye catcher in the dining room and will surely capture your attention for the variety of fine wines, which we have selected to best accompany your dinners.

Menu bambini e svezzamento

For children we have simple and tasty proposals prepared at the time of asking with fresh products and for the little ones our chef has thought of a weaning menu with natural foods and many organic products.
And if your children want to enjoy a snack under our olive trees or visit our garden, it will be a joy to be able to please them.

Beach Bar

The Beach bar overlooking the sea offers light lunches that allows you to enjoy time on the beach with maximum comfort and relaxation. In addition you will also find ice cream, snacks, drinks, fresh fruit throughout the day, that you can enjoy on the veranda or under the sunshades.

We have already told you about the view at sunset, which captures the hearts of our guests, for your aperitifs at sunset with chilled cocktails and interesting local specialties.

And in the evening the horizon turns pink, red and orange, lending amazement and romance to your dinners in the hills overlooking the sea.

We await you at the lounge bar for a welcome drink on your arrival!